Anonymous said: Why were people so upset when Aly de-committed from Florida? Did she sign a letter of intent or something?

No, she never actually signed with them. She was planning on it, but then decided to turn pro instead. I don’t really get why people were mad because she was just capitalizing on her opportunities as an athlete by going pro. I could understand the Florida fans who were looking forward to her competing with their team, though.



Anonymous said: Can we see your abs without a black shirt in the way?

I’m not Aly, sorry haha. I don’t have those kind of abs to show you :(


"Marta Will Make A Man Out Of You"

LOL this is one of my favorite gymnastics montages! It mainly features the 2007 World Team and of course Marta and is set to the song “I’ll Make A Man Out OF You” from Mulan.

LMAO I’m so glad this has made it back on my dash


Do you ever just cry because the gymnastics arena at the olympics was all hot pink